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Technical Specifications

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Log This®
version 2.2

Featured Highlights:

  • Control almost any video device whether analog or DV. Control RS-422 & RS-232 devices via serial port or control any DV device via IEEE-1394 firewire.
  • Dynamic user interface with the ability to wrap text within each cell in the clip, drop down selection for ranking clips, hide columns, and a new toolbar panel.
  • Advanced printing functions that include, fit to page, user defined headers and footers with page numbers, first row repeat, date and log title.
  • "Export Manager" lets you select where the log data is placed in your EDL or batch digitize list.
  • Frame grabbing via any AVI or WMD compliant capture card, TV tuner card, IEEE-1394 firewire or external video device. (*Note: some devices designed to hardware encode mpeg files may not work or may require a custom interface.)
  • Create HTML based pages with video thumbnails from your logs. Includes links between pages for multi-page output. Great for project pages, client emails, or archiving records.
  • Support for many export formats including Adobe Premiere, AVID, edit*, Final Cut Pro and Media 100.

Minimum PC Requirements:
        Windows 98SE (Second Edition) or higher.

Basic Logging:
  • 90 MHz. Processor, VGA (640 x 480) 256 colors, 64 meg. RAM, 8 meg. Hard Disk space, open serial port, CD-ROM drive.
Logging with Video Preview and Thumbnail Capture:
  • 600 MHz. Processor, SVGA (800x600) 16 bit color, 128 meg. RAM, 20 meg. Hard Disk space, open serial port, CD-ROM drive.

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