About Ebside Productions.

Ebside Productions was started in 1994 by Joe Ebbeler in Columbus, Ohio. Mr. Ebbeler has worked for over ten years in various capacities of video and film production, and he used this working knowledge in the development of Log This. Working with several other computer and broadcast professionals he started the company to fill what they saw as a big gap in the broadcast market, namely the lack of inexpensive software for use on older or slower PC's that could still be used to save people money. As the company evolved, so did the PC market. Now that an "inexpensive" PC may be one right off the shelf. The video professionals of today expect software that has a lot more functionality but still doesn't cost any more. Ebside Productions is keeping pace with this trend.

Ebside Productions has always tried to maintain working relationships with many of the top companies in the world of video production editing. Their software's output currently works with nearly every major editing system on the market, regardless of computer platform. They are constantly adding on new support for more editing systems and keeping their current offerings up to date with the systems they support.

The company was truly founded on the principle that, "life is too short to waste time using boring, overpriced software." While using their software will not cause belly aches, very few people have ever used their software without at least a little private chuckle. "We want our customers to truly enjoy using our product," said Joe Ebbeler when asked about his philosophy. "Computers are difficult enough to work with as it is. The last thing you need is a program that makes you mad."

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