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Technical Information about Log This®

  • Operating Systems:Works on any Windows operating system from 98SE and higher. (Windows NT requires version 4.5 as a minimum)
  • Supports most linear and non-linear edit formats: Log This®2.2 will create export files or EDLs for all Accom (formerly Abacus/Scitex) products, Adobe Premier, AVID, CMX (both 340 & 3600), Discreet edit*, Final Cut Pro and Media 100. If you don't see your edit system listed, don't worry because chances are that it will import a CMX file.
  • Allows control of almost any VTR, VCR or Camcorder:Control any VTR that has a 9 pin RS-422 or RS-232 connector from your PC. All you need is a serial cable with an RS-422 to RS-232 adapter at one end. Control any VCR or Camcorder that has a Control L or LANC mini-plug remote connector via a serial adapter cable. (Adapter cables can be purchased from Addenda Electronics - See our Links page for their web site.) If you have enough serial ports on your PC you can also add a JL Cooper "Media Control Station," which has dedicated VTR control buttons and a real jog/shuttle wheel. DV devices with IEEE-1394 firewire can also be controlled through your PCs firewire or i-link port.
  • Other export formats:You can also create HTML (web pages,) XML (eXtensible Markup Language,) tab delimited text files, or export to an "open" worksheet in MS Excel via OLE transfer. (Requires Excel to be running at the time of save.)
  • Powerful searching and sorting: Text search log files no matter where on your network(s) they exist. If you have direct access to the files, you can search them for the clips you are looking for. Results are automatically placed into a new log file that can be immediately converted or exported to any of the formats listed above.
  • Improves accuracy and saves money: When an editor copies your file from a disk and doesn't have to re-type what you've written the chances of mistakes are reduced to almost none. This alone saves you time in the edit suite. If you are editing in a non-linear suite, that same file can also be used to export a batch digitize list complete with name, description, video and audio tracks, and how you want the video separated into clips. In only one project you may have just saved yourself anywhere from $50 to $300 just by coming into the edit suite with a disk in hand.

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