Video Logging Services:
Ebside Productions is pleased to offer video logging and asset management services using our popular logging software, Log This. We have a complete system built into a case that you can rent from us with one of our operators for anywhere from a half day to week.

The case includes:

To hire us for any of your video logging needs, whether on a shoot, pre-post production or for asset management services please call 614.801.0287 or email

Video Assist Services:

Our computer case can also be used for video assist and film script notes as well. The only additional item that is added to list above is a Scan convertor that is used to show the video from our logging computer on a monitor. This has several advantages over a traditional analog video assist package.

Advantages include:

To hire us for any of your video assist needs, or to get a quote on a project rate, please contact us at 614.801.0287 or email

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