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Log This® Details

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Column Editor The column editor window lets you customize the names, order and functionality of each column in the log. The auto copy feature can be activated for almost any column, and copies the information from the last row of the log whenever the copy clip button is clicked.
Export window The export manager lets you choose which clips to include in your EDL or batch digitize list based on how you ranked them. You can also drag-n-drop to choose which column's information goes in which field of your export file. (*Note: Custom fields are not available in all export formats.)
HTML window The HTML settings window is used to create storyboards or other web based versions of your logs. You can specify the layout, font, page header and footer, and even whether to automatically add page breaks or create separate linked pages.
User interface The user interface is where you can customize the look and feel, as well as the functionality of Log This® to suit your needs. You can create and save as many "styles" as you like to accommodate multiple users or different types of projects.